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Dermal Fillers Training

Train with  Unique Contour facial Aesthetics experts for all levels beginners to advanced training courses and become most wanted Aesthetics practitioners on your area.

Injection of dermal fillers is the second most frequent nonsurgical cosmetic procedure performed in the Europe. Dermal fillers are an option in the treatment of volume deficiency, scars, and rhytides; facial sculpting; facial contouring; and augmentation of specific anatomical sites such as the lips. The number of injectable dermal fillers available on the market increases yearly

As time passes, the skin changes noticeably. It loses its plumpness. Wrinkles and fine lines develop. The face begins to show the signs of aging, leading many people to search for remedies to hide these changes. Dermal fillers successfully address these issues for most people, creating huge differences that impact a person’s overall appearance as well as their self-esteem.


You will be trained with all necessary basics including Anatomy and physiology.
We offer CPD recognised and approved certificates.
Don't hesitate to contact us and become the next certified student for successfully completed dermal fillers training.
Our training is dedicated for both medics and non-medics students. Please contact us for requirements.

Course contains:

  • Learn about Hyaluronic acid 

  • Anatomy and physiology 

  • knowledge about the products

  • Practicing on artificial human skin  

  • Practicing on live models 

  • Injection techniques 

  • How to build volume of the lips

  • How to lift corners of the lips

  • How to deal with Asymmetry of the lips

  • How to create a cupid bow and lips border.

  • Face wrinkle reduction 

  • Post-procedure difficulties 

  • Aftercare advise 

  • Pain management

  • Pre and post-treatment protocols 

  • Health and Safety

  • Hygiene sharps disposal and legal aspects

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